Contact is an online publication that showcases contemporary art and sound. They question how technology has influenced the art we create, with a focus on media that exists online and offline. Contact provides a platform for those whose identity and art exists within the virtual space. Device Mockup

The project

Dylan, the founder of, approached us looking for a partner to develop an online article based website for his new endeavor. The publication’s primary focus would be interviewing artists and musicians from around the world about relevant topics and questions relating to their line of work. A secondary focus for Dylan was the selling of merchandise to fund the project. The challenge on top of all this was to make it easy for their team to access and manage the website from the backend.

The website takes advantage of the blog functionality of WordPress and dynamically populates each page when a new article is published. We built a custom theme that features a range of unique design loops that are able to be dynamically filled with any selected post. In basic terms, the provided text gets automatically entered into a design template that we created, meaning there is no additional design work for the client. We used the design loops for the design of both articles and shop items.

We configured the shop page with WooCommerce. We linked multiple payment options, designed the product pages, configured global shipping classes, enabled stock management, and provided pre-order capabilities.

The outcome

Contact is now a living and functioning website that attracts new and old visitors daily. The team is able to easily manage the site and has not required assistance from A44. A website this heavily dependent on a specific visual style is often said to be very hard for the average user to navigate, but we have done just that.

With such diverse content, we had to consider the global audience, meaning that hosting speed was important. This site is built on a custom AWS Lightsail instance, which is costing approximately $12AUD/month.

Within the first few hours of launch, the website had already received over 800 new visitors. The server handled the launch exceptionally well and peaked at only 50% usage of virtual resources. If it had have been higher, we could have opted for the hosting package with more computer resources for an additional $4AUD/month. The site has attracted over 3000 unique visitors in the past 30 days and continues to grow exponentially.

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