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Joondalup website designer

Perth's one stop digital media team

We don’t usually talk about ourselves but since you asked! We are a Perth based team of professionals working to help business owners bring their creative visions to life. Our primary focuses are web development, video production, photography, graphic design, digital marketing, and social media. We do pretty much everything under the digital media umbrella!

So why pick us? All of our services are completed in-house which means your project can be started and completed all within a days work without compromising quality.

No matter the project, we are here to get things moving. What are you waiting for? Let’s get creative! Contact us to organise a free discovery session, coffee is on us

Do I need a website?

Your website is your hardest-working employee. Just like a sales-person, a website is the representative of your business. It is important that it is bold and powerful! 

Would you hire a sales-person that is always late, dresses inappropriately, is poorly spoken, and doesn’t stand out from the crowd? That is why you can’t afford to have a slow loading website that is not visually attractive, not well written, and looks like the rest.

How much does web design cost?

We wish that there was a simple answer to this question but web design is a complicated service with many factors. Industry-standard entry pricing starts at approximately $3,000 and can scale greater than $20,000.

The quickest and easiest way to get accurate pricing is to give us a call. Together we can work through your requirements and discover a solution that will work within your budget!

Are there ongoing costs?

Thanks to our skilled team, we have developed our own Amazon Web Services based virtual machine hosting solution. Such fast and capable hosting has never been cheaper with monthly hosting from $5/month. On top of this is your domain registration which is typically yearly and no more than $20. Hosting information and Domain information.

We also offer monthly support packages for maintenance or if you simply require assistance.

Can I update my website?

You sure can. We will provide you and your team with login credentials so that you are able to edit and add information in just a few clicks. This is one of the key differences when working with professionals, all aspects of your website’s user experience have been considered.

Does A44 only build websites?

Nope! We have a team of talented creatives ready to start working on your project no matter the field. Our team primarily consists of professional videographers, photographers, web designers, graphic designers, and social media experts.

Tell us what you need and we will get it done!

When can you start working?

Today! With an extremely talented team behind us, we always have the capacity to take on new projects. If you’ve clicked on this, you obviously need our help so stop being shy and give us a call!

Let's talk! Coffee is on us

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